NAF Recruitment Test 2019 Nigeria Air Force Past Questions & Answers PDF Download 

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NAF Recruitment Test 2019 Nigeria Air Force Past Questions & Answers PDF Download: Are you writing the NAF recruitment exams for 2019? if yes here is how you can succeed in the Nigeria Air ForceTest 2019 without much stress with the help of the NAF Recruitment Past Questions & Answers PDF see how to download the past question here in this great article.

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Past Questions & Answers PDF

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Past Questions & Answers PDF

About NAF Recruitment Past Questions & Answers  PDF

This is a PDF collection of past examination questions of the Nigerian Airforce (NAF) Recruitment exercise. It is a guide for candidates sitting for the recruitment examination into the Nigerian Airforce. It is regularly updated and reliable answers are given. By way practicing the past questions for the test, you will know what to expect; improve your speed and confidence, and be really prepared for the actual test.

Why You Need the Nigerian Air Force Past Questions and Answers

The important of the NAF Past Questions and Answers Paper cannot be underestimated, this is because when taking the time to go through it you found out that they repeat questions, still focus on their syllabus, It also makes you get used to the questions if you are the serious type that read well.

The NAFPast Questions and Answers Paper, when you get it will help you understand better the area of concentration.


Questions for this test are drawn from these major areas

  • Basic English
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Geography
  • General Knowledge


1. The first woman in space is

A. Yuri Gagarin

B. Valentina Tereshkova

C. Yui Xiang Wo

D. Julie Armstrong

2. The least rank in the Nigerian Airforce is the

A. Group captain

B. Flying officer

C. Pilot officer

D. Wing Commander

3. The Nigerian College of Aviation is located in

A. Lagos

B. Kano

C. Abuja

D. Kaduna

4. The establishment of the Nigerian Airforce was conceived in

A. 1963

B. 1961

C. 1960

D. 1965

5. The first batch of Nigerian Airforce officers were sent to train with

A. British Air force

B. Ethiopian Airforce

C. American Airforce

D. South African Air force

6. Nigeria’s governmental constitution is chiefly based on that of the:




D. Netherlands

How to Download NDA PDF Past Questions and Answers

These Past Questions and Answers cost the sum of N2,000 only.

You are expected to pay the above-mentioned sum to the Bank account provided below to purchase the NNPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers.

Account Details


Account Number: 0258732121

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank


After paying the stipulated amount successfully to the account provided above,

Send the following:

  1. Depositors Name
  2. Name of the Account used for payment
  3. Email address [Make sure the email you send to us is accessible by you.]
  4. Past question paid for [Name of the past question]

Follow the steps above and send the details to 08125457266 to complete your order.

Assurance of Delivery FFS Past Questions and Answers

Not sure the past questions will be delivered to you as promised?

No worries. We get that a lot of people are scared of doing online transactions probably based on personal experiences. We’d like to assure you though that our services are based on honesty and integrity. This has been proven over again. It is one of the reasons we are prominent with past question sales. Our services are trusted. We have been delivering great and reliable services to our customers for years now. We’d like to assure you that your satisfaction is our priority.

That being said, you can proceed to make the payments and get your past questions delivered to you in less than 20 Minutes from payment.

If you have purchased this past question and answers please do well to leave a review on the comment section below.

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